Talkin ’bout VPLEX

To those wondering where I have been, some vacation, some customer travel and a lot of planning work on the VPLEX front have meant that I have not blogged as often as I have wanted to. Things have been humming along on the VPLEX front (more on that over the next few posts)

Our marketing team has been developing some cool collateral to help customers (and the field) understand how VPLEX delivers value to our customers. Here are the three videos that they have produced as a part of the Big Ideas series with the focus being on Continuous Operations:

1. Continuous Operations for VMware:

2. Continuous Operations for Oracle RAC:

3. When Data Needs Continous Availability:

For the first two videos, Seb Darrington (aka The Storage Chap) provides the voice over. Patricia Florissi does a fabulous job with the third video.

Having watched the process of making these first hand, it was a fun experience. Let us know what you think …