EMC World 2013 Sessions

I just noticed that all the sessions are now up on the EMC World Website. The breakout session I delivered at EMC World together with slides and the brainshark recording are available here:

Here are some sessions that I would highly recommend listening to:

1. Transforming Disaster Recovery With Continuous Availability: Delivered by Gordon MacArthur and David Edborg from our Assured Availability Services, this is a practitioner’s view into how Continuous Availability delivers business value. Link to slides. Link to brainshark recording.

2. VPLEX: Advanced Technology Deep Dive For VMware HA and FT over Distance: Delivered by the always entertaining Olly Shorey. (@shorestor), this talks about my favorite topic. Link to slides. Link to brainshark recording.

Here were two keynotes that I enjoyed enormously at the show

1. Transform Enterprise Storage to Create Business Value: Delivered by Brian Gallagher, President of the Enterprise Storage Division. Extremely creative way to talk about VPLEX!

2. Flash Unleashed with VNX Innovations: Delivered by Rich Napolitano, President of the Unified Storage Division. The Peek into the Future section was extremely insightful and shows the power of Multi-Core.

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