VMware Partner Exchange: The VPLEX/RecoverPoint Angle

In about a week’s time, I will be heading to San Francisco for VMware Partner Exchange.

EMC is putting together a fabulous boot-camp together for our partners on Monday, February 10th from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. The session number is 3579-SPO: “EMC’s Game Changing Solution Roadmaps, Resources & Partner Programs” (Content Catalog Link). This is an NDA only session focusing on where the EMC portfolio is going (YES! roadmap items will be discussed – hence the NDA) and how this portfolio and direction can enable business for our partners. The NDA can be signed right outside the session hall.

Chad Sakac gets top billing at the bootcamp with a marathon 2.5 hour session to kick the day off. Post that session each of the individual solution owners and BUs will present the next level of depth on the partner opportunities. The session lengths range from 30 – 45 minutes. Try putting all the things that are going on in any one division in 30 – 45 mins and you can imagine that each speaker is left with a LOT to say and very little time.

On the VPLEX and RecoverPoint front, this will be our first public event as a part of the Data Protection and Availability Division. Extremely exciting possibilities and a lot of things that are in the works. Phil (@vPhilGeorge) provides a sneak peek of all the DPAD activities at VMware Partner Exchange here.

In addition to the boot camps, we will have also have a floor presence on the Solutions floor at the EMC booth. Please do stop by Booth #401 – we have tons to tell you about and questions we can answer. Plus, we will also be doing the ever popular Hands On Labs. These do not need any registration and are on a first-come-first-served basis.

Specific to VPLEX and RecoverPoint, we are doing an additional one-hour under NDA sessions. Space is limited for 6 – 10 partners even with standing room. Our Channel Marketing team is coordinating attendance for this session. Yossi Saad and I will be talking to these partners to dive deeper into the roadmaps for RecoverPoint and VPLEX. We are aiming to cover some incredible new work that is going on in the VPLEX / RP portfolios to learn how we can bring these game changing technologies to market with our partners.

Last but not the least, if you are going to PEX and would like to have a VPLEX / RP chat, please do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to connect with you and set some time up to understand your business and VPLEX and RP can be tools in your arsenal to make you even more successful.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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