Opportunity to participate in a VPLEX Beta

Short post to end the week.

We have an upcoming VPLEX release which will be going through its Beta process starting April. We are in the midst of soliciting customers who would like to test out the new functionality and participate in the Beta. The need for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on the new functionality prevents me from describing the capabilities we are adding.

So, if YOU are someone who loves to test new features and functionality and care enough about telling engineers and product managers how they can make things better, we are looking for you. Here is how you can participate:

  1. Please reach out to Jen Aspesi (@routrgrrlFOLLOW HER) or me
  2. Contact us at betarequest@emc.com and mention VPLEX Beta starting in April in the message body
  3. Contact your friendly EMC account team and have them get in touch with Jen or me

Once we have your request, we can walk you through what new functionality is being added, what is involved in the beta and what options we have to go through the beta. From there, you can decide whether you still want to help with our Beta process. Either ways, we would love to hear from you.

Oh yeah, lest I forget you do not have to be an existing customer to participate in the Beta (but you do get brownie points if you are one!). We would love to see you participate in this Beta – it should be a snap!

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