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InsightIQ: Basic workflow demos

InsightIQ is Isilon’s software for capacity planning / reporting and performance troubleshooting / reporting. Over the past few releases, we have been working diligently to making some major shifts to how IIQ workflows function and what capabilities the product can provide.

Instead of trying to describe these workflow changes, our TME team (specifically the awesome Robert Chang) has come up with some demos to show these common workflows to our customers.

Use-case 1: Identify demanding NAS Clients

This use-case focuses on how you can identify a client that is consuming network resources. In this case, start with the external throughput and work your way to the actual workstation / IP address that is consuming the resources. That can now break out into the type of I/Os and which protocol within that client to help narrow down what is happening.

When do you use this – when you start seeing clients who are not able to get the bandwidth they need from Isilon, this can be a great first step to understand who is consuming the bandwidth resources.

Use-case 2: Protocols Operations Average Latency

This use-case focuses on identifying the latency for protocol operations within the Isilon cluster. In scenarios when clients are trying to debug latency issues, this procedure can be very helpful. It is important to understand that Isilon can only help identify latency once the I/O enters the system. There may be network contention outside of Isilon or even on the client if multiple hosts are contending for the CPU. In a lot of cases, this is a good sanity check. I know of a couple of customers who maintain tabs on this latency as a means to indicate overall Isilon system health.

Use-case 3: Capacity utilization

Isilon runs a job called File System Analytics (FSA) which collects the metadata for files. This is then combined with the raw performance and capacity data to derive some very helpful information. In this particular demo, Robert tracks through capacity utilization.

When is this useful? – the primary case is when you are trying to understand where your capacity is being consumed but more importantly, which client has had the biggest delta in capacity. Note that, this is one of the mechanisms to debug this – you should always manage capacity through proper use of soft and hard quotas.

And we are just getting started – there is a lot more that we need to tell you and are planning to tell you about the InsightIQ space. Stay tuned!