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Back to blogging

Over the past year, I have taken an extended break from blogging.

A lot has been going on in my small corner of the world. I transitioned to the Isilon Product Management team last year, moved from Boston to the west coast. It was a new product (to me), a new market, new team and just a ton going on. As much as I tried to put pen to paper, stuff kept coming up. What that means is that I have accumulated a lot of topics to write about.

In a lot of ways, I am still getting used to the West Coast – no snow in  winter was a pleasant change. And what a winter it was in Boston! I feel settled enough that I can get back to writing again. I am taking this opportunity to capture all that I am learning about Isilon, and unstructured data. Some areas I know well – other areas, I know enough to be dangerous but have a lot more to run. Either ways it should be a fun ride. Join me!