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Talkin’ about VPLEX and RecoverPoint Part 4

The past three editions of these have been very popular. Our marketing and CSE team has created some new videos in support of the Q2 launches for VPLEX and RecoverPoint. So here are twelve videos for you to dig into.

  1. Why VPLEX for VMware Environments: Don Kirouac does an excellent job explaining how VPLEX integrates with VMware environments.
  2. Why VPLEX for Oracle RAC: Don Kirouac from the Corporate Systems Engineering team talks about the integration between Oracle RAC and VPLEX Metro to deliver continuous availability
  3. VPLEX with XtremIO: Charlie Kraus from the Product Marketing team explains how VPLEX delivers value to XtremIO environments
  4. ViPR with VPLEX and RecoverPoint: Devon Helms from the Product Marketing team explains how provisioning for VPLEX and RecoverPoint can be made simple with the ViPR Controller.
  5. Why VPLEX for SAP: Jim Whalen from the Solutions Marketing Team explains how VPLEX can help deliver SAP Application Availability.
  6. Why VPLEX for Microsoft Hyper-V Environments: Charlie Kraus talks about how VPLEX integrates with Microsoft Hyper-V environments to deliver mobility and availability
  7. VPLEX with Vblock: Charlie Kraus delves into how VPLEX integrates with and provides value to a Vblock environment.
  8. VSPEX Solutions for VPLEX and RecoverPoint: Karl Connolly from the VSPEX Marketing Team

  9. MetroPoint topology: Paul Danahy and I walk through the benefits and value propositions of the MetroPoint topology
  10. VPLEX Virtual Edition: Paul Danahy and I introduce the VPLEX Virtual Edition solution and why we think this is such a game changer
  11. Simplified Provisioning with VPLEX: Paul Danahy and I talk through how VPLEX Integrated Array Services simplifies provisioning with VPLEX
  12. EMC AppSync for RecoverPoint: Parag Pathak from the AppSync Marketing team and Devon Helms talk about the integration between AppSync and RecoverPoint to deliver application consistent protection

Talkin’ about VPLEX and RecoverPoint Part 3

It is that time again. Our marketing team has been at it developing more videos to communicate the value of VPLEX and RecoverPoint. Some of them have incredible art in them, others have things blowing up but they are all fun to share. So, without further ado, here is the next in the ‘Talkin’ about’ series:

  1. DataCrunchers: Data Center Detonation: Here Steve Todd (T: @SteveTodd and his wonderful Information Playground Blog) and Nga Nguyen demonstrate Continuous Availability with VPLEX by using some C4 explosives.

  2. Big Ideas; Big Tech: How to protect mission critical environments: This next one talks about the business impact of failure of mission critical environments and how with a combination of VMAX, RecoverPoint and VPLEX from EMC, you can build a comprehensive local and remote protection strategy for such environments.

Do take a look at these videos – I like how they simplify continuous availability concepts to make them consumable by a larger audience. Needless to say, I am a HUGE fan of these videos!

Talkin’ about VPLEX Part 2

What an amazing week at EMC World. A big thank you to customers / partners / SEs for the tremendous interaction and feedback.

With EMC World and other activities going on, here are two more videos talking about using VPLEX continuing from the Big Ideas series.

1. VPLEX For Migrations

2. Simplifying Continuous Data Availability

Do take a look at both of these. They provide a simple way to understand some more benefits that VPLEX provides.

Talkin ’bout VPLEX

To those wondering where I have been, some vacation, some customer travel and a lot of planning work on the VPLEX front have meant that I have not blogged as often as I have wanted to. Things have been humming along on the VPLEX front (more on that over the next few posts)

Our marketing team has been developing some cool collateral to help customers (and the field) understand how VPLEX delivers value to our customers. Here are the three videos that they have produced as a part of the Big Ideas series with the focus being on Continuous Operations:

1. Continuous Operations for VMware:

2. Continuous Operations for Oracle RAC:

3. When Data Needs Continous Availability:

For the first two videos, Seb Darrington (aka The Storage Chap) provides the voice over. Patricia Florissi does a fabulous job with the third video.

Having watched the process of making these first hand, it was a fun experience. Let us know what you think …